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Вот и финальное задание курса #wed_calligraphy_class 😔как быстро пролетели эти 2 недели... @mariyalipetskaya большое спасибо! Было много полезной информации, интересных творческих заданий и вдохновения!😊👍 ⠀ ⠀ P.S. Свадьба на Сицилии. Цвета: бордо, белый и песчаный бежевый. Бумаги таких цветов дома не оказалось, поэтому затонировала акварелью. Вообще, номер стола я бы написала еще и на гранате😊надо будет запомнить)

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"Everything you can imagine is real" P. Picasso 🎨 And if you use photoshop it becomes easier. 😏

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Wrote it for a best friend of mine. Looks good in white frame thou😍 Ecoline liquid watercolor Daler Rowney expression round 2

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Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are constantly aware of the time in large part due to the position of the sun and the brightness outside… not just because you can look down at your phone or watch! This minimalistic clock takes inspiration from this concept and reinforces hour and minute hand time-telling with a shade changing face. - As it grows darker outside, so does the saturation of the clock face. Simultaneously, the hands transition to the opposite, becoming lighter so they maintain visibility. Its clean, monochromatic aesthetic is soothing and easy on the eyes while the arms cast a shadow on the clock face complimenting the ambient light. - Designer: Yicong Lu - For product innovation follow us @yankodesign!

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025 / 100 Does your bro even lift, bro? I made this originally for National Brother's Day...but that was totally yesterday. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thank goodness our brother doesn't drop his weights like this in the garage. — What I love about animation is that you're able to read an action with fewer frames than live action. A "smear" is an animation technique that simulates a quick "blur" of motion in a single frame resulting in a sudden burst of speed. I've added it here when the weights fall, and I've also added a quick secondary action on impact. Let's hope your form is better thank this bro. 💪🏼 #100daysofmotionscript

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Final part: Suprematism & Constructivism series. No.7: Unknown Artist in the style of Laszlo Moholy Nagy. . . Using these art movements to experiment with C4D and Arnold to get my lighting and general modelling skills up to speed. . . . . #c4d #3ddesign #graphics #art #design #create #3d #cinema4d #modelling #typedesign #designtip #graphicdesign #3dgraphics #arnoldrender #designspiration #3drender #3dmodeling #3drendering #rendering #digital3d #3dart #constructivism #3dfordesigners #digartshare #ghcommunity #graphicroozane #graphicgang #supplyanddesign #graphicdesigncentral

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I'll be rockin' this party eight days a week 🌃 No Sleep Till Brooklyn - Beastie Boys

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"It was my 28th birthday last week and no one remembered it. Not a single call or text from my friends and family. So I woke up the next day, sat outside my house and cried quietly. My dog came and started crying too. It was the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me." #100daysofsecrets #the100dayproject

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