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6 minutes ago

Follow my #depop gunna start selling some tshirts and other items from here very soon 💦

14 minutes ago

Inspiration for tomorrow🌙

23 minutes ago

Selling lots of Richards clothes (with his consent😂) and possibly other stuff, make up etc eventually, having a big clear out! Selling on depop- my username is Simplycouture90 have a look! 💖 #depop #forsale #shop

25 minutes ago

we've not got long, you know, to bask in the afterglow ✨once it's gone, it's gone #depop

51 minutes ago

How cool is this handmade reversible piece?! Okay so add a skimask patch or list as is? It's so cool I can't decide (size L-XL) help! 🤔✨

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