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4 hours ago

A month later, still dreaming about that lake, those peaks.

5 hours ago

| Let's go (Para)Sailing in the wild blue yonder |

7 hours ago

We told Ella we're taking her on a road trip from FL to ME and she said she'd rather be camping. ⛺️ Taking podcast, playlist and new car name suggestions! @bigagnes_ #skidavida @campingwithdogs

15 hours ago

| Those Tahoe's sunset are 'aite, I guess |

21 hours ago

Road tripping is very serious business and there is no time for goofing around with your camera in the middle of Montana roads...

21 hours ago

Las Olas guests have the option of having photos taken by professional photographer Camilla Fuchs. It’s the perfect way to keep the holiday vibe alive. Here’s a beautiful image of Rachel from April, 2017. @camillafuchsphotography

1 day ago

The summer solstice was welcomed in by way of complete solitude 🏕

1 day ago

I've always looked at my body and wished for it to be thinner. I remember my friends in middle school making fun of me when my hips came in because we could no longer share our "oh so cool" middle school clothes. At times I still struggle with wishing I had less on these curves and cute "baggy" clothes looked baggy vs. awkwardly fitted 🤦🏽‍♀️ but over time I've learned to love what my body is capable of instead of how it looks. So I'd like to #throwback to last weekend when my arms still didn't look as toned and my hips still had some extra something, but I couldn't believe how strong my body felt! I walked miles and miles and pushed my body up and over rocks till my legs were shaking, yet I kept climbing! On one climb I hit the crux and mentally started freaking out, but ended up pushing past it - what an amazing feeling that was! I wouldn't normally write this kinda stuff, but how awesome is it to actually high-five our self esteem and acknowledge what our bodies are capable of? So here's to feeling strong, either mentally or physically and remembering to give yourself some love every now and then! 👊🏽🙌🏼😍 #tsphotolife #life #climbing #rockclimbing #gadv #outdoorwomen #womenwhohike #forcesofnature • • • #tellon #travel #wanderlust #getoutside #goparks #findyourpark #mountains #outsideculture #hiking #seekadventure #teva #loweprobags #climbinglife #howladventures #igkansascity #exploretocreate #findyourselfoutside #campingcollective #campingvibes #defendersoffun #rei

1 day ago

Break barriers by breaking bread together. Joined @thesarahbennett at this amazing community gathering last night which was more humbling than any rock wall I would ever face. This amazing Refugees Welcome Guidebook was released last night at a Ramadan Iftar dinner. My parents were lucky to have family as support coming to the U.S. and it still wasn't easy. Can't imagine what it would be like to come with less than $100 in your pocket, not knowing the language or even where to go to get a bite of food. #refugeeswelcome #beautifulresistance

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