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1 hour ago

As a former teacher 👨‍🏫 and a Zero Waster I'm a big fan of re-gifting. Re-gifting is appreciating a thoughtful gesture but not needing the gift. A good example is with baked goods, eat 2 delicious cookies 🍪 and pass the rest on. But "disposing" is completely different and that's what is happening to some beautiful places in our country. The Katahdin Woods and Water is one slated for disposal. I didn't make up the word "disposal" that's a quote from SenatorChaffetz.

8 hours ago

Hobbies include: nestling into massive tree roots and inhaling the pine scented air.

9 hours ago

Hey gram community! 👋🏼 Sorry I've been MIA recently, you could say I've been a little preoccupied with launching my 💕👶🏼 @socialstatic into the universe. These last few weeks have been whirlwind and I wouldn't ask for it any other way.

11 hours ago

He recently decided to call me 'mummy' instead of mama lately. I have no idea where on earth he got that from, but it's pretty adorable.

11 hours ago

Real talk. Today these feet stepped onto a mat for the first time in too long. I've been avoiding it. My eating habits have been totally off, my fitness regimen completely lacking. But you know what? We go through seasons. Physically (and a little mentally too) this season is a bit of a stagnant one for me. You guys, it can be so difficult to accept where we are at with our own personal journey. It's too easy to not accept where you are, and not move forward in the direction you say you want to go. It's too easy to put ourselves on the back burner when we just aren't "feelin' it". Let's accept where we are today. Lets love on our bodies and our minds. Let's love on ourselves.🤘🏼

14 hours ago

The sun came out of hiding for a bit so I wore a dress, picked up some new vinyl, repotted my plant, and now intend on lounging around with my book for the remainder of the day ✨

15 hours ago

The sun powers the tunes and the tunes power the fun

19 hours ago

✨ Soulshine Highway ✨

20 hours ago

Yesterday these nuns were visiting the beach from St. Gregory Church in LA (I asked). As they walked towards us with that incredible dramatic background, I saw one of them untangling a piece of seaweed and was confused...a few minutes later they were jumping rope with it. This is quite possibly the greatest beach day I've ever had.

21 hours ago

Yesterday I spent three hours at the gym with this wonderful woman. We climbed, we talked, we tried to do a core work out but mostly talked, and now we're both sore and I feel rejuvenated. Sometimes just bopping around the gym with a dope lady is the most refreshing thing, cheering each other on and exchanging beta (read: giving me beta). Thanks for an amazing and much needed day of pulling plastic till my hands wouldn't close @lauramarie43 💕 Pocket pool v4, Stone fort, TN.

1 day ago

Pure joy.

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