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I'm trying to brighten up my feed a bit xx thanks for the lovely feedback ♡ - Comment which you prefer: Snapchat or Instagram?

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What I hate about Farkle & Smackle (smarkle) to much alike to me. :// some scenes are kinda cringey smackle flirts w/ lucas in farkles face (even tho she explained why she does that in gm sweet 16) & thats all, honesty gm sweet 16 made me ship them JUST A LITTLE because of that little sett up where they show each other how much they like each other 😭 but #TeamRiarkle

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Same justin, same😂😜

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#sundayselfie ! (Technically iz Monday lol.) hi fellow #instagram ians lol. I had an awesome Sunday yo like super Sayian Sunday mane. I chilled with my bro on Saturday night from San Antonio A-Aron Eaton. We went downtown with my other bro Connor Mosley and his friend Carolina. I just drank water, Red Bull (sugar free) and smoke E cig. (even doe nicotine constricts your blood vessel, but beats real cigarettes and also I quit drinking alcohol a while back!) I was suppose to hit Chest and Calves after, but I got home at 5:30 yesterday so I just went to sleep. When I woke up ate clean, den hit Chest and Calves. Then I ate some mo clean food and rested while watching the new #dragonballsuper episode! Then I came back for round two and hit arms to end the night! Just finish right nah now bout to sleep. I decided that when I wake up, I'm about to start shredding because the #goldsgym #12weekchallenge ends on February 20th so I guess you can say this will be the begin of my "prep". Mind this back in da day I used to follow the guidance of my previous training partner, but I never been more excited to do dis thang on my own. (Well this time #God is with me wholeheartedly!!!) let's get it I'm tryna get dis money for my parents because I love them forever and ever!!! Stay blessed my friends!!! P.S peep Dat @dannyhester hat style haha. My mom gave it to me before I hit arms. 😊 #thankyou #god #fit #fitfam #fitness #aspiring #bodybuilder #classicphysique #cokewhitedragon #cwd #cartelbambino #DSSFitness #dragonsyndicatesociety #shreds #onway #inhurry #for #temporary

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The judgemental look is ME looking at life right now😂 No seriously this is so funny😂😂🙌🏻

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What I hate about Alison Dilaurentis: was a real bitch in the flashbacks. she had a way of using her friends or anyone's secrets against them . played with emilys feelings. didnt admit she had feelings for emily but acted super jealous when she was w/ other girls. WAS selfish & manipulative. & thats all because thats the OLD alison, although i love the new alison i lovvee bitchy characters. BUT ALISONS CHARACTER DELVOPMENT IS THE BEST. I REALLY WANT HER TO BE HAPPY IN THE END WITH EMILY AND HER CHILD. I LOVE MY FAV SO MUCH 👸🏼❤️

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