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🇺🇸🇺🇸Curly or not ?Curly or not ? I Would like to go back to my natural hair, my curls... but after 15years of dying, chimical treatments, brazilian blowout , brushings.. silicons... my hair is just a shadow of what it was. Never too late to start a fresh and healthy curly routine... and what a challenge !Step by step.. i'll try to take care and love my curls and my natural beauty.. What product is it better to use? How many Times week? Month? How to hairstyle du ring the transition? Go with Broken curls.. lets start it... the reason why i want to transition is mainly to show to my baby girl how to take care of her beautiful curly hair, to to love it and embrasé her natural mixed beautiful. all tips are welcome to help me 💋💋 🇫🇷🇫🇷Par où commencer ? Apres des années de lissages brésiliens , brushings et autres traitements chimiques capillaires.. début d'une nouvelle routine bouclée ( oui naturellement mes cheveux sont tes bouclés voire frisés) . Quels produits acheter ? Quelle fréquence d'utilisation? Ou se fournir? Internet ? Parapharmacie? Boutique afro? Grossiste coiffure ? Supermarché? Autant de questions auxquelles je tente de trouver une réponse en ce moment... la route va être longue .. pour trouver la bonne combinaison 🙏🏼 lets start ...

2 weeks ago

You can call my hair kinky,coily, and curly whatever it's mine it's me and I love it 💕💕💕💕 follow @love_curls_kw for more 😍 لا تسمعون لأي احد يعلق على شعركم .. مهما قالو عن شعركم ..سموها كشه .. مو مرتب ، مو حلو ، ولا سويه ستريت .. المتعارف عليه بمجتمعنا الشعر الناعم بس الله خلقنا بهل نوع شعر فأكيد يلوق لنا .. حبوه ولاتسمعون لاحد و بس تبلشون تحبونه و تعتنون فيه بيتغير عليكم و تحبونه زياده ❤️ #curls #curlyhairdontcare #curlyhair #curlyhairs #curls 😍 #curly #curlyquotes #الكيرلز #عنايه #عنايه_شعر

4 months ago

Those curls! 🌴✨

4 months ago

Someone else's holy grail product may not work for you at all, our curls are all different and there is a product out there for everyone, you've just got to keep searching🌀 #kinksandkurls

4 months ago

These can prevent breakage, tangles and help you to retain moisture! 🔑 to healthy hair #kinksandkurls

4 months ago

..not having the time, patience or upper body strength to straighten your hair.. #CurlyQuotes

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