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It will be two years in March that I have stopped straightening my hair. The picture 2016 only looks like that because I didn't understand my hair and never kept consistent with my hair routine. Even though I stopped the heat my curls were really frizzy and not as defined as they should of been. What helped me was a lot of researching and experimenting with products. I have more of an understanding with my hair now 🙂cutting dead ends ✂️ helps with growing your hair (due a cut soon) having knowledge about ingredients help and knowing the texture/curl type and porosity of your hair. I haven't given up on silicons just yet but every other bad ingredient I have. I used crece pelo November 2016 and i have the mixedroots moisturising conditioner that I will be using Very soon ! Tip for healthier curls. ✨. *shampoo once a week. *condition hair twice a week. *mircro fibre towel. *deep condition once a week *satin pillowcase *widetoothcomb or fingers to detangle knots. * trimming when needed *loving your own curls💁🏽✨ *last rinse is with cold water #curls #curls 😍 #curlsforthegirls #transioningtonatural #teamhealthyhair #satinpillowcase #curlspoppin #curlyhairprobs #hairresults #browncurls #curlsandfro am still learning and I am enjoying the journey ✨ any more tips ?

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Goodnight world🌎😴

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