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16 minutes ago

It's a new week! Get out there and crush it! 👊

18 minutes ago

Yesterday was the perfect day to #CrushIt ! Congrats to all of the Sugarloaf Marathon and 15k finishers!🏅✨

34 minutes ago

Double video Alert!! I came into today's arm training session with one objective; to #crushit

1 hour ago

After 2 VERY long days in the car, I'm finally home. #colorado was great and I wouldn't trade the week I had with my friend for anything but I can say I'm happy to be home... and I've had the last 2 days to do some thinking and came to some conclusions about #goalsetting and #dedication . I'm gonna #crushit this year. Set my #goals while sitting at the border crossing this morning and I'm ready for this. #bringiton #butfirstanap

1 hour ago

This week on  #YouIncTool , is a special double feature this memorial day weekend on Saturday at 9 and 9:30am! First at 9:00 @mrsgreiff  will talk with Louis Viciedo about omnipresence and how being present everywhere can actualize your home and business life enjoyably and effectively. And then at 9:30 you can  #CrushCrisis  with Jeff Myers to see how having the ability to crush it, can go beyond actualizing your home and business life enjoyably and effectively but could be what I like to call a  #DefiningMoment #greiff_life   #actualizing   #CrushIt   #Omnipresence   #DoubleFeature #MemorialDaySpecial

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