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Proud of my girls (@nicholsisters) and thankful to their coach and one of my business partners @coachstephmckean for challenging, including and inspiring the girls to Throwdown with her head to head in the first heat of our open workouts @crossfit_indestri each week. I am lucky. Lucky that my husband and I are able to raise our girls in such an incredible community, both in CrossFit as a whole and in particular @crossfit_indestri. The girls have been doing CF for 5 years. Growing up learning body awareness, learning to work hard but to enjoy it, learning to be champions for others (to support and encourage others), most importantly they're growing up learning to be proud of what their bodies can do. To not worry about being a certain shape or size, but to embrace the beauty and strength in what their bodies are capable of doing! Greg Glassman has created more then just a training methodology and I feel very lucky that we're a part of it! Thank you to @foxkristina @katiepatten @aron.knight @stouty08 and @scottbrown70 for taking time each week to judge the girls in one of the open workouts. *sports theme this week, sporting old soccer jerseys! #proudmom #crossfitindestri #indestristrong #crossfitcommunity @crossfit @crossfitgames @crossfitkids #crossfitkids #burdickchicksopen2017 #canadaeast #womenstrong #crossfitgirls #intheopen #crossfitopen #crossfitfamily #crossfitgames

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#Repost @bionic_vegan ・・・ 👉Double tap if you love Mexican Food! 🌶🌮🌯One of my favorites before I went vegan and continues today. With beans, rice, almond cheese, flour and corn tortillas, tofu, jackfruit, vegan sour cream, chili peppers, hot sauces and spices you can make up a delicious vegan Mexican meal. Jackfruit Tacos are the absolute bomb! 🌿💪🤠- @Bionic_Vegan . Tag a friend that loves Mexican food! . . . . . . #follow for more vegan food ideas, tips and facts. #realmadrid #wedding #babyshower #babies #realestate #cream #cheese #crossfitgames #smartpoints #weightwatchers

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Every year the Open gets more competitive and more fun. A few years ago there was no stress. We did the workouts with rarely a repeat and went about our training. Now even the athletes at the very top of the worldwide leaderboard are repeating most workouts and scraping every last second that they can out of each workout. This will by far not be my best open but it was definitely the craziest and most satisfying with everything outside the gym that was going on. I was forced to do the workout for the first time on Monday afternoon twice and had far less than ideal training each week leading up to the workouts. That being said this has still been my favorite Open and I am ready and confident going into regionals prep. #Crossfit #crossfitgames2017 #crossfitgames #Reebok #Open2017 @trainingthinktank @ttt_adam @reebok @tenperformance @fiasfreshmeals

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איזה אירוע מסכם היה לנו, איזה הפקה מטורפת Snatcher הביאו, תודה לכולכם על הפרגון על הצילומים WODproof , על הקריון המדהים MC נמרוד קבלה מאמן כושר אישי Coach Nimo והבוקס המפרגן של Crossfit Hadar Yosef ותודה לקהילת הקרוספיט על התמיכה #snatcher #carbongrip #wodproof #crosffithadaryosef #crossfitIsrael #crossfit #open2017 #crossfitgames #open17 .5

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