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Устали от брошек и хочется чего-то нового? У нас и такое есть!✨ Патчи на липучке от @lighta_brand

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* * ピンクアメジストのネックレス。 ほんのりと色づく石をワイヤーで丁寧に包み込むと、 どこか上品な雰囲気に。 Pale pink amethyst wire wrapping necklace. * * * #minimalist #simplejewelry #jewelry #fashion #design #creema #minne #iichi #アメジスト #gold #bijoux #chic #ネックレス #ミンネ #baseec #ジュエリー #デザイン #ハンドメイド #アクセサリー #storesjp #wrapping #pink #creemaジュエリー #gems #kushiro #handmadejewelry #japan #create #etsyshop #クリーマ

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DO-IT-YOURSELF. In itself life is neutral. We make it beautiful, we make it ugly; life is what energy we bring to it. If you pour beauty into life, it is beautiful. If you simply sit there and you want it to be beautiful, then it will not be--you have to create beauty. Beauty is not there like an object, like a rock. Beauty has to be created. You have to give a vision to reality, you have to give color to reality, you have to give a song to reality--then it is beautiful. So whenever you participate in creating beauty, it is there; whenever you stop creating, it is not. Beauty is a creation, so is ugliness. Happiness is a creation; so is misery. You get only that which you create, and you never get anything else. That is the whole philosophy of karma: You get only that which you do. Life is just a blank canvas--you can paint a beautiful scene, a landscape, or you can paint black ghosts and dangerous people. It's up to you. You can make a beautiful dream or a nightmare. Once this is understood, things are very simple. You are the master; it is your responsibility. Ordinarily we think that life has some objective beauty and objective ugliness. No! Life is just an opportunity. It gives you all that is needed: Now do it yourself! It is a do-it-yourself affair. -Osho #quote #quoteoftheday #meditation #365 #days #osho #quotestoliveby #lifequotes #create #beauty #love #positivevibes #yoga #inspiredyogis #positivemind #happinessishomemade #fit #fitness #instagood #igdaily #yogaoffthemat #inspired #loveit #😊

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I know it's a little early for #fridayintroductions - but I realized after scrolling through my IG that it's kinda creepy that my eyes aren't showing or I'm wearing sunglasses in the majority of the pictures of me on here - so I just think it's fair that you know who I am (eyes included!) when you're reading my stories or seeing what I post. So, hey!!!! 👋🏽 I'm Kristen! I'm obsessed with coffee and tea - don't go a day without both. I love laughing and making other people laugh. I love finding joy in weird situations. I love people. Like GENUINELY love people. I love being real. Fake and surface level is not my thing. What I get to do for a living is CREATE. I create for the purpose of letting the real, raw, true emotions and personality of my clients show through in whatever I'm doing. In each photo session, in each promotional video, in each website, through each branding process, through each social media take over - it's not about me, it's about my clients. People like to hear stories. People like to feel like they KNOW who is on the other side of the screen. So that's what I do - I help tell people's stories through a variety of different forms of media. And... I am PASSIONATE. I'm persistent. I want to motivate, inspire, uplift, encourage, and love other entrepreneurs. We are made for a specific purpose. We have each been given a specific gift to serve people - we need to find it, and use it. With all that we are. This is my goal every day and through all the things that I do. Can't wait to continue this story right along with you!!! Now, you don't have to wonder if I'm a real person or if I'm creepy and never show my eyes. I'm real. I'm passionate. And I love.

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This morning's #hairspo brought to you by these flawless finger waves from Joseph I'Anson and Lisa Graham's BHA winning collection, Facet. (See the whole collection at the link in our bio!) #haircrush

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One of my favorite places I've visited. More than just the brilliant architecture, just beyond this building was a massive cliff overlooking the stunning La Jolla beaches. In the sky we're more than 20 colorful powered parachutes like a surreal painting.

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