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I have searched the current knowledge data base about the principles governing #sonoluminescence , and there are many #theories regarding this subject, and all come up short of applying known #physics to the #problem of the #energy concentration in the bubble. When an #ultrasonic #oscillation is applied to a liquid, cavitation bubbles form and then implode, releasing a very short duration, high energy pulse.Based upon the frequency of the emitted #light ,the energy is far beyond any current #explanation . Some say it is due to the rapid collapse of the bubble producing extreme heat by compression of the vapor inside of the bubble.Others argue that it is impossible for the #bubble to remain symmetrical during the collapse, but that a hot jet stream shoots across the bubble producing the #flash . So far, I have not seen an explanation of how this bubble absorbs all of this energy from the #surroundings . My idea is probably as good or bad as anyone else's at this point in time. It follows: When the #cavitation bubble forms, the liquid #media #vaporizes and the bubble is filled with liquid vapor.The bubble must absorb #energy to cause this change from liquid to vapor, (the latent heat of evaporation ).When the bubble #implodes , this energy is part of the energy released as the vapor goes back to a liquid state..Another source is the difference in velocity of the sound waves in the liquid versus the vapor.This also contributes to the #energyavailable as the #trapped #sound #waves #accelerate . #Perhaps these factors combined with #compression will satisfy the energy #source of these highly #energetic flashes. Any comments?

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