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5 minutes ago

After many years of exploration, I thought I had seen all that the Oregon Coast had to offer. Boy was I wrong! On my current trip I have discovered numerous hidden gems that I never knew existed, and this is one of them. #oregoncoast

21 minutes ago

When it comes down to it all that matters is the people (and pets) in our life. Everything else is just stuff, we can always buy new things or make more money but we can't replace our family. Our boxer Murphy had to go in for surgery today on his meniscus. He has been having a hard time on his leg even with his previous surgery to replace his ligament so we had to have him go under the knife again so he can make a full recovery and be back to his bouncy crazy boxer self. I am very grateful that we found a good doctor and that he came through alright. We pick him up tomorrow morning and I know he will be back being crazy in no time. Give your family a hug and let them know how important they are ✌🏼

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