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A beleza nós olhos de quem vê ❤️🌌

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She told me to go quietly ... I will walk barefoot on the shore of the dream with a movement So as not to awaken the sleeping waves ... The pain of my spiritual remains, which, after our last meeting, Worship the procession of my dignity behind me and leave with the winds of ships that were laid on your shoulders ... I brought myself up: you are forcing me and the circumstances are dimming and mowing and pushing a wave stronger than both of us I make excuses and make excuses, I remind you of a section such as the anthem of your country on the port of my city and I paint you a sailor tattoo and I reject the quagmire of love escape. . When I leave in order to preserve the remaining water Our faces hold me in my hand with my hand to reach me until your door is crawling To bear my love as sin, as a priest, I swore the right hand of the Virgin and worshiped I leave my heart stolen in you to rest in peace in your hands Dream traveler to islands of desire and passion in you Odd Dream You are how strange you are after you pulse the ribs of bread for lean years? I will answer you a nice dream .. !! What I have shown is not you, the beginning of the procession of my journey waves of sailor, your words hit the wind of a polar wind in my face Coral of Eden flint in the belly of a whale I abstained from the jinn to see other than I saw it I am only wandering without baggage won the greed of the fate of your saddle Between the rest of your chest sleeps my sense that I can not leave it To start like the moon on my heart and my heart is a beacon without light You were guiding all. My mind is lost in the heart of oceanic love since it was removed sealed planted in the spirit of us You are an atom lying in the depths of its sea From the good of the flood of your majesty, the moon is looming, every sailor, where is the way of believers from the sea? And they blow the moon to keep them that you are comrade #beautiful #boatlife #beach #skyview #sky_perfection #sky_captures #skydive #cloud_skye #cloudlife #sunrise #sunset

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