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Even in beautiful Venice you can find some graffiti on the walls. 🛶

8 minutes ago

One of the cheekiest models. She loved the camera and the camera loved her

17 minutes ago

He turned 6 today! So I suggested we test the differences between 5 and 6. Test number one, can you jump higher? He took this challenge very seriously and proved me wrong! More tests to follow in the next few days...

25 minutes ago

{19|395} No editing, no perfect lighting, just a moment I want to never forget..After all the years of being told everything that was wrong with him, that he may never be in a regular classroom, that he was too behind, feeling like he wasn't worth the extra time (by some), eye surgery to correct severe strabismus, all the tears at the dinner table and many more shed after he was in bed, but tonight once again he proved so many people wrong.. All his hard work is paying off and he is surrounded by so many teachers who love and encourage that he thinks outside the box, but more importantly love him for who he is.. The pride on his face was worth every moment we have been through along this journey and when it all comes down to it, Jackson you did this!! You are an Honor Roll student and we are so so proud of you everyday but watching your face tonight and the fist pump as you got your certificate was a moment that I will remember forever❤ #mockfam2017 . . . . . #clickinmoms #cmglimpse #thebloomforum #thesnapsociety #tellon #beyondthewanderlust #posepatch #featurememozi #posepatch #lifeandlensblog #howiclick #clickmagazine #dearphotographer #carenmockphotography #lightinspired #myoklahoma #lightinspired #inbeautyandchaos #strivetobeanartist #letthekids #thephotographerwithin #thelifestylecollective #inspiredigitalornotfineartmagazine #candidchildhood #letthekids #chasinglight #documentyourdays #three_sixty_five2017 #momswithcameras #childhoodunplugged #strabismus

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✌🏻️☀️ looking forward to some more beach time in a few days but staying in our friend's apartment in the city is pretty amazing. Sofa, our own rooms and tea and toast. Feels like a 5 star hotel!!

29 minutes ago

when his nose runs he screams "tissue tissue!" in high whine sound. it makes my ears hurt and body hot. but he also is the only one that will give kisses mostly freely and was crawling out of his skin with excitement to see his brother after school. he totally makes up for it. 🤧

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Shadow Play

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Improvised monkey bars

1 hour ago

Oh, sweetheart. 💜 I just love you. Imperfect, though I am, at it. I do, just the same. Your sweet face sings out in my heart, with each and every beat. I sometimes wonder if there are others out there, who sometimes feel the sweetness of your heart. Strangers, friends, anyone. I wouldn't be shocked to know they do, your perfect sweet soul resonates farther than I will probably ever know. I just pray, with all that I am, that you feel it too.

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