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Our new Monterey radio is here!

8 minutes ago

When I got this car; nearly three years ago; unknowingly it changed my life & ignited a crazy passion. Restoring & collecting classic cars. This car sat in a garage for over 33 years; unloved, neglected, & filthy. The body is so rust free; I'm truly blessed to have found this Continental. As I get closer to June 1st; I've realized that getting her back on the road; logistically; will not be possible. Right now, I'm waiting for the original carburetor & smog pump to be rebuilt; atop of getting power steering lines made. With the age of the car & it being a high end innovative model; there have been road blocks along most the steps I take. Through all of that; I love this car & it has taught me many things! At the moment she is very close to being road ready; which truly brings me joy to see how far she has come. Here's a few shots of the motor that I spent alot of time working on & freshening up; which I am very proud of. Soon she'll be back on the road; guzzling gas & turning heads! #restoringclassics #restoration #lincoln #continental #lincolncontinental #fineautomobiles #classy #classiccars #passion #goals #hobby #carcollector #collection #460 #gasguzzler #adoptav8 #savethev8s #savetheclassics

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