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》I know I wasn't there When you needed me the most I know I didn't care And was afraid to get so close Tonight it's getting hard to fall asleep 'Cause it's becoming clear that I broke all into pieces And I can not reverse it So I've got one more thing to say I'm sorry for your pain I'm sorry for your tears For all the little things I didn't know I'm sorry for the words I didn't say But what I still do I'm still loving you I know I let you wait I've been away for far too long But now I can relate To everything that I did wrong Stop breathing when I think I'm losing you And there'll be no excuse so I'm on my knees So listen please Let me hold your hand once again《 #lyrics #chubby #plussize #songtext #music #sorry #turquoisehair #chansysuicide #charliesuicide

6 minutes ago

I'm not an artist by ANY means (I can't even draw hands) but, I've learned it's something that takes my mind completely away from anything else and it's become an extremely relaxing hobby. Everyone should find something completely out of their element to escape to sometimes, even if you're not the best at it. It's more than refreshing. (Drawing inspired by an unknown artists work I came across) 🌸💕 #boobies

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