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7 minutes ago

A great 18 month (almost 19) check up for this firecracker! He's 24 lbs, up to the 21% and meeting all milestones. We sure do love you sweet boy, even in your whiniest of moments!

22 minutes ago

This morning we had Paisley's one year post-surgery check-up. Can I just say how blessed we are?! God is so good. He is the Great Healer and Comforter during our times of doubt, pain, and confusion. She received a great report, and she doesn't have to go back to this doctor for another decade or so. Paisley has the best doctors who have helped guide us from the moment we laid eyes on her picture until now. We ❤️ everyone at Children's Hospital! Thank you for caring for our girl as if she was your own. #PaisleyZe #checkup #butfirstasnack

1 hour ago

CHECK-UP DAS MÃES Todas as Mães que fizerem exames no Laboratório Canaã, concorrerão ao Check-Up. O sorteio ocorrerá no dia 31 de maio, e será divulgado nas redes sociais. Participe! Ainda dá tempo de você fazer seus exames. Rua Antônio Lobo, Nº05 Centro - Bacabal-MA FONE: 3621-2791 Cel: (99)9 8179-8984 / (99)9 9101-9918 #Exames #cl ínica #citologia #sa úde #pr énatal #beb ê #m ãe #doen ças #gestantes #laborat ório #analisesclinicas #checkup #analise #sa úde #socialmedia #marketingdigital #agencianewcode

1 hour ago

2 month check up! 🙈 #GraysonLockwood #9WeeksOld . Growing boy weighs 12 lb 13 oz height 23.25". Perfectly healthy and advanced in development! He didn't love his shots, by the end, he was tuckered out ready for a nap! 💤

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