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Gal gadot and lynda carter گال گادوت ( بازیگر مشهور مجموعهدفیلم های سریع و خشن ) به همرا لیندا کرر ( خواننده و طراح لباس و کارگردان ) در مراسم wonder women در شهر لس آنجلس . #gal_gadot #fashion #celeb #celebrity #actor #actorslife #style #losangeles #2017 #famous #favorite #hollywood #بازیگران #بازیگر #مشهور #سلبریتی #فشن #هالیوود #استایل #لباس

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Gone are the days where second-hand clothing are only for the poor and homeless. As the collaborative consumption movement, which encourages consumers to live in a more collective sharing economy takes form, sustainable living is slowly becoming a big part for Millennials and Generation Z. Here are some celebrities who are leading the wave of sustainable living by buying second-hand clothing 1) Sarah Jessica Parker It was said Sarah Jessica Parker buys only secondhand clothing for her son. Jessica is thinking twice about buying fast fashion after watching The True Cost which studies the condition, labor and impact of the fast fashion industry. Her Character's wardrobe on HBO's Divorce is sourced from thrift stores and secondhand retailers. 2) Drew Barrymore Drew is the hippie child of Hollywood and has once wore a $25 secondhand dress on the red carpet in 2010. She has often cite her love of flea market shopping in interviews. If it is good enough for Drew, it is good enough for us. 3) Zooey Deschanel Zooey is known for her quirky and fun style and she totally rocks it. Zooey has been spotted in secondhand boutiques and fleas. Zooey's style has always been original and un-influenced by trends. There are so many more poster-woman and men who love to shop secondhand whether to find an original piece or to lessen the burden of the environment. Have you gotten into the second-hand trend? Start your journey at www.theheartbazaar.com. Not only will you look good, you will feel good and do good as proceeds goes into charity and social causes. #theheartbazaar #shopanddogood #mydresschangeslives

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🇺🇸🔵🙏💯We want to give a huge thank you to this #gorgeous young lady @rachelh625 for protecting serving and willing to sacrifice her life to help keep our communities clean & safe!! We love that she never lets her badge get better then her heart!! You are truly a great example of a real American Leo!! Please Stay Safe!! We want you to know we got your back!! God Bless❤🚔💙🇺🇸 --------------------------------------------------- 🙏🙌💯✔All our new merchandise FOR PRE ORDERS and sales are NOW AVAILABLE✔💯🙌🙏 Just CLICK the Direct link in our profile or WWW.TRCHNFE.COM WWW.TRCHNFE.COM WWW.TRCHNFE.COM WWW.TRCHNFE.COM -------------------------------------------------- 🇺🇸💯✊💥💥Want to be featured💥💥💯🙏🇺🇸 Please submit all photos & messages to @TRCHNFE @TRCHNFE @TRCHNFE @TRCHNFE We will start featuring everybody from all over the world on there. We truly can never thank you all enough for everything you do please stay safe and God bless. If you're wondering why we are doing it this way is because from the beginning we wanted to just pick people randomly to show our great appreciation for everything they do by helping protect and serve our amazing country. So we will never stray away from picking a @TRCHNFE randomly to show our great appreciation ------------------------------------------------- #TheRealCelebritiesHeroes #TRCHNFE #therealcelebrities #therealheroes #heroes #hero #GodBless #celebrities #thankyou #police #cops #love #respect #sheriff #horse #backtheblue #selfie #fitness #heroesofinstagram #thinblueline #instagram #like #horsebackriding #celebritiesofinstagram #beautiful #celebritieswelove #celebrity #humanizingthebadge #GiveRespectToGetRespect

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