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Yesterday was scary for meowmy (but we are all safe don't worry!) Meowmy says: We keep our cats indoors for several reasons but primarily because we live on a super busy Toronto street (Kingston rd for those of you who know the city). Marv has always been our escape artist. It was fine at the apartment bc it was only a hallway. We are extra diligent despite Marv being super quick and even bought a sssscat cat to put at the door for good measure. We ordered supper - it got here at 9 (I was working late) and Ken opened the front door to go get it. The Ssssscat cat was there to detour Marv. I ate and then immediately went downstairs to the office to edit. The blinds in the office are stuck open right now. Just need to be fiddled with but I don't have time for it. I spent a few hours editing. Then at 1:30 I hear a "tap tap* in the window. I couldn't see anything but it startled me. Then I heard it again a minute later and saw these big yellow eyes staring at me. IT WAS MARV!!!! He got outside when Ken went to get dinner and was outside from 9pm until 1:30 in the morning. Black cats can clearly escape easier when it's dark out. I yelled "OMG MARV IS OUTSIDE" and woke up Ken and the baby. I ran outside and ran to the window and Marv came to me. The poor thing was outside for 4 hours and managed to find "home" and thankfully not get killed on Kingston road! I'm so upset that this happened and I feel like the worst cat mom in the world. Marv, being the jerk that he is, has been begging to go outside non stop now. He's had his taste of "freedom" and he wants MOAR!!! Any other ideas to stop cats from escaping through an open door? We can't install a second door or create a mud room as our condo isn't big enough or would allow for that. Help me #coicommunity I want to keep all my kitties safe (even the stupid escaping jerks) . . . . #catsagram #catsareassholes #catsareawesome #catsarebetterthanpeople #catsarecool #catsarejerks #catsarelife #catsarepawsome #catsaresuchdicks #catsarethebest #catscircus #catsgram #catslife #catslifestyle #catslover #catslovers #catsofcanada #catsofig #catsofinstagram #catsoftheday #catsoftheworld #catsoftoronto

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