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1 day ago

Indudablemente uno de los #Regalos más benditos desde el cielo me llego hace casi #5A ños y Yo feliz, Orgullosa, no se que tanto pueda decir ella es una bomba, siempre nos hace pensar, reír y nos deja asombrados con tantas ocurrencias mi Princesa Inteligente Dios nos bendijo con tu presencia... Comeremos Torta, Yupi, yupi!! Te Amo mi #Carleigh

2 weeks ago

Everything I do every choice I make every step I take is for them. I love my kids so much they saved me they made me grow up made me become a man. I will never let them go without. I had my time to shine now it's they time to shine. They the reason I wake up 3am in the morning to go to Wal-Mart knowing the stress u get from working there an the money ight but I want more cause I want my kids to want more an they will get it I wont stop grinding nor stop doing wat i got to do for my family to eat daddy love yall #Camryn #Carleigh #TeamDaddy #dfwt

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