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1 month ago

That weird noise that you hear once and then disappears? A vibration that wasn’t there before? Nobody likes to hear these sounds, but we can become more attuned to hearing things that are out of the ordinary if we get acquainted with how our car ‘should’ sound. Listen on the freeway, at start-up, and when in traffic. Also, be sure to give your car a good look ‘up and down’ and regularly and check for fresh spots of fluid under your car. It’s the small things that make for a safer ride and could save on costly repairs. Yes, it’s time to get intimate!

1 month ago

@checkngn had an exciting opportunity to share our mission of connecting millennials and local independant repair shops earlier this week with some MN entrepreneurs via @meetup : DIGITAL LIVING Lunch in Minneapolis. Find out more about MN Meetup events: https://www.meetup.com/TheMnE/ and CheckNGN's specific lunch and learn: https://www.meetup.com/TheMnE/events/239094194/ #checkngn #simpleas123 #autorepair #downloadcheckngn #bigsavings #twowaybiddingsystem #carrepairs #carrepairshops #checkengine #givingback #minnesota #minneapolis #carhealth #relationshipapp #pricetransparency

2 months ago

It’s easy to neglect your wind screen wipers as they’re quite inconspicuous. They just sit there doing their thing until that moment when they start to make a horrible noise - and then you notice them alright! Make it routine to clean dirty wiper blades with a wet paper towel and to check for cracks. Technically the blades should be replaced every six months or check in on them when you get a service.

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