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"I don't know if it's fair but I thought "How Could I let you fall by yourself While I'm wasted with someone else” If we go down then we go down together They'll say you could do anything They'll say that I was clever If we go down then we go down together" - 🔊: Paris by Chainsmoker . . . . Books and soundtrip. My kind of 3 am shit. P.S. All quotes on the pics are mine unless stated otherwise. 😊 #wordswithqueens #wordporn #wordgasm #writerslife #writercommunity #writingcommunity #femalewriter #quote #blog #blogpost #qotd #quoteoftheday #justwriting #writerscorner #writer #writing #bibliophile #nerd #bookish #quotestagram #caption #wordsofinstagram #read #thoughts #monster #him #her #3amthoughts #beast

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This is so important Especially for me I always think about the past I always regret the decisions I make I'm always afraid to move on Thinking that maybe I've lost something important I think a lot I regret a lot I make a decison I'm happy about my decision Until I'm not anymore I don't want to regret the decision I made I don't want to start thinking about him I want to tell myself that it's the past And that I've moved on But I feel like I'm starting to think about him again About my ex Thinking about what we had Some things remind me of him I don't want to fall again I want to concentrate on the one I have now But how? Am I normal? I think about the past a lot I see how he looks at me when I'm laughing I'm happy And maybe he didn't think I would be happy without him I haven't cried once since the break up It didn't hurt me We both knew that it was over But then I learned that you didn't want it to finish And then I learn that you wanted to break up with me on my birthday I don't know what to think anymore I know that you still love me And you try to show everyone that you don't anymore And you say things that you don't mean And if you actually believe what you said I didn't think you were like that I just think that you're hurt And you try to convince yourself that you're not I don't know what to think about you anymore But I know that we're done We are the past And right now At this very moment While I'm writing this For the first time since a long time I feel the tears coming up I feel them coming But I don't let them come Because I'm accepting the past I won't lie We had something beautiful And I loved you You were my first boyfriend I was your first girlfriend I know you've talked about me behind my back before So I wouldn't be suprised if you did again I know you say what you say to feel better But do you? Do you actually feel better? I don't think so I just hope that you're happy And I will never wish for something bad to happen to you Because you were a part of my life And now the tears have come in my eyes Not because I want you But because you were a part of me Because we lived so much together And because I won't forget you But I moved on 15:13

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What do you keep in your YOSMO Drawer? Tag us with your picture #yosmo www.yosmo.net Photo via @silkeblogs

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