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114: Feeling a little under the weather...or just having Maui withdrawals and my body is setting itself to 102 degrees like I'm still on the beach 🤔

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Clear late arvo waters.

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After hours ⛽️❄️

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Holding your baby brother for the first time has Mom all 💘💘💘. Thomas' newborn session is on the blog today! {link temporarily in profile} #bhpbabies

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"Live for today and not tomorrow Live for the Now and whats here. Stop living for what maybe or what may never come. Live for the day already here" 🌼 Hope everyone has had a great Monday! Here's a picture of the beautiful Aneliz to make it even better 🌼

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For a number of years now I have watched the judging of the AIPP's state and national awards with admiration for the entrants, and a small but somewhat negative voice inside of my head telling me as only those little voices can do, that my work probably wouldn't be on par. After entering half-heartedly about 6 years ago, and achieving professional (but not award worthy scores) I decided that the voice was probably right and left it at that. Since moving to Melbourne from Dubai four and half years ago now, I've taken an interest in landscape photography, and more than just a passing interest in aerial photography. Fast forward to this year, and I was challenged to enter the AIPP State awards by my business coach, because she believed in me, and thought it was high time I started believing in myself as well lol! So, I did and I won't be looking back, or doubting myself anymore :) With some very helpful advice from my travel buddy and good friend Boots (Amanda Neilson) and Ian van der Wolde I worked on 12 images for the awards. Ian printed my images, and I can't speak highly enough about the way he treats the printing of each image to ensure quality. Watching the judging this time was nerve-wracking and I was really hoping that my images would be well received, hopefully commented on, and with luck, I might score two Silver awards that would then enable me to enter the Nationals later this year. I did not expect, and still can't quite believe that 8 of the 12 images I entered received awards. One Gold, two Silver with Distinction, and 5 Silvers. To top it off I was named alongside Ian Van Der Wolde and Darren Davis as a Finalist in the AIPP Victorian Landscape Photographer of the Year Award. I was super chuffed to be on the list, and for Ian to win... I'm still on cloud nine, and while I'm still considering which images I'll enter in the Nationals, I can share one now... It's an aerial taken from a helicopter over the Hunter Valley in May 2015. I was there as part of a Landscape Photographers Network weekend meet up, which was a great excuse for a roadtrip :)

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Oh hey there, I'm Heather! I'm so excited to share a little about myself with you, so here are 5 #funfacts : 1) I'm a #coffeeaddict ! I must have at least 16 oz a day & that's on the low end... I know, it's a problem! 😏☕ ️2) My favorite food is #sushi ! I LOVE sushi, especially anything with salmon (now I'm hungry)! 🍣 3) My latest #Netflix binge is Season 7 of #TheVampireDiaries . 4) I love to travel! I have been to a lot of places (Mexico, China, Australia, Panama, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, France, England, Italy... to name a few) but there is no end to my #wanderlust ! The beauty of my "job" as a #photographer is that it has the potential to take me anywhere! #havecamerawilltravel 😉 🛫 5) I have grown emensely as a person, #entreprenuer & photographer in the past 6-8 months largely thanks to my #mentor @SandyDorau! I actually met her at a #TuesdaysTogether meetup & our friendship & working relationship grew quickly from there. She's taught me so much & really helped me be more confident. I owe you so much Sandy!!! If you are looking for #mentoring she's your girl! Also, she took this awesome photo! 😍

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