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1 day ago

Meatball Marinara Pull-Apart Buns! Wow! 😮🍞🧀🍖 vc: @twisted_food Snapchat 👻: foodyfetish

5 hours ago

Al paraiso o al infierno da lo mismo... 😈

1 day ago

The world around you is a mirror. The way you perceive the people , situations, and life around you is a direct reflection of how you perceive yourself. Notice that people who are insecure, are the first to put others down and point out their shortcomings. When you're feeling beautiful, it's much easier to notice the beauty around you. When I am noticing my focus is concentrated on too many external factors -that are less than ideal- I take a second to reconnect with all of the things I love about me and what I am grateful for. Take a second to try this, and I hope for you to get to realize how much your inner world directly creates your perspective of the world around you. Have a beautiful Sunday night ❤ xo

1 day ago

Remember to stay strong! Find a little joy in what you're doing 💪🏼😊

1 day ago

I love freshly baked buns just as much as cake ✌🏻️ When the buns came out of the oven today, I had one straight away with cold butter. And then I ate one more for lunch with avocado and peanut butter, banana and chocolate ❣

6 hours ago

It's the perfect season here for any kinds of #bread and/or #buns 🙌#😋 Get inspired and #bake something today from chocolatechalk.com Bread & Buns archives ❤😊 #chocolatechalk #хлеб #булочки * #Flower pull apart bread with jam filling* Чудесная погода нынче 👌⛄ Чудесная для ароматной домашней сдобы или хлеба 😌 Актуальная подборка рецептов есть на ru.chocolatechalk.com в разделе Хлеб, булочки ❤#🍞 Уверена, найдёте что-то по душе 😊 Может, плетёнку с джемом или нутеллой, как на фото? 👆#🌸 Есть у меня ещё один вкусный #рецепт булочек, помню, обещала поделиться, но проворонила момент 🙈 Готовила их к новогодним праздникам, есть и видео 🙆 Нннада? 🙊

1 day ago

In the self-titled "Joshua Tree Bunssss" we find @sabrina_sfc and a friend enjoying a great view... the best way we know how! Everything just works for this pic, from the rocks and the rugged foreground to the #beautiful blue sky in the distance. Also, @sabrina_sfc and her friend noticed this poem by Robinson Jeffers at Joshua Tree and it really connected with them: "Integrity is wholeness, the greatest beauty is organic wholeness, the wholeness of life and things, the divine beauty of the universe. Love that, not man apart from that." Very nice indeed. Photo cred to @chelsoflynn. And yes, bonus points for being #totallynude ! #adventurebuns1 #sabrina_sfc #anonymous #chelsoflynn #naturism #benudebefree #twobuttsarebetterthanone #goodfriendsgetnakedtogether #notanlines #hikenaked #freedom #barefootinnature #barefeet #unstoppable #barebuns #buns #barebutt #butt

12 hours ago

Spiloppen vågnede alt alt for tidligt imorges, hvilket betyder at jeg allerede har drukket 3 kopper kaffe, været i Føtex og handle, afleveret spiloppen, bagt og sat en hjemmelavet grøntsagssuppe over. Det er bare så lækkert at have en uges ferie inden studiet går løs igen på mandag!

16 hours ago

Sure sleep is important but if you want to achieve your goals sometimes you have to sacrifice some of it. @tigermindset 🐯

2 days ago

Happy Sunday! 🤗Who else is ready for their arms to GROW? 💪🏼

1 hour ago

Lika(nästan iaf) fluffiga efter ett par dagar i frysen 😀 Kvällsfikat blir smörfrallor med smör och ost tillsammans med en stor kopp te ☕ Ifall det är några oklarheter så jo, jag älskar smör 😁 ~ My fluffy buns are still fluffy after a couple of days in the freezer! About to hit the sofa with a jug of hot tea, some buttery buns with butter and cheese and just relax for the rest of the evening 💖 #julias_kok #buns #butter #butterybuns #sm åbröd #sm örbullar #fluffy #fluffiga #golden #gyllende #kv ällsfika #fika #kv ällsmys #ilovebutter

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Ушла на спорт! Сегодня пресс!🤗🤗🤗 Безусловно все тренировки не без #energypro ...☺️ Открою секрет, как я делаю тело дома, всего за 30 минут в день!😇 🙈
Кстати, у нас приятные скидки😍Всего 1970₽, за 20 порций высококачественного и безумно вкусного (вкусы 🍓и 🍨)протеина 😱вместо 2390₽💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 .

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Милые девушки, приглашаем БЕСПЛАТНО на ЗАВТРА ( 24 января ) ! 🎀 С 12:00 до 15:00 - 2 модели причёска С 15:00 до 18:00 - 2 модели причёска Кто точно может пишите Ваше имя и номер телефона • Санкт - Петербург М.Спортивная/Чкаловская ул.Пионерская 16 @elstilespb • • @elstilespb.models #модели #модельспб #модельбесплатно #обучение #эльстильобучение #wedding #bride #realbride #bridal #braid #hair #gorgeous #эльстильпитер #свадьбавпитере #elstile #невеста #losangeleshair #свадебнаяприческа #свадебныймакияж #свадебныйстилист #макияж #прическа #boda #novia #updo #messy #pretty #buns #sposa Обучение от 12 000р.

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FLASH SALE‼️ Today you can get 25% off of everything from @Blackstonelabsofficial by using discount code 👉🏽Sumeet_Sahni👈🏽 Just click on the link on my bio . Below you'll find 5 supplements I use DAILY, when, how, and why I use them. . 💥Dust Extreme💥 . PRE- WORKOUT: I don't play around when it comes to pre workouts. I usually drink a few cups of ☕️ a day, so I have a high tolerance to stimulants. I want my pre workout to be STRONG, kick in FAST, and allow me to be the most PRODUCTIVE during my lift. Dust Extreme is hands down my favorite Pre 🙌🏽 1 scoop and within a few minutes your energy is high, focus is laser like, and strength is crazy 💪🏽. Get this and you won't regret it. . 💥Whey Isolation💥 . Fast digesting PROTEIN. If you follow me on snap chat, you regularly see me making a bomb ass shake with 1 scoop of Chocolate Isolation, instant espresso, almond milk, and blend with ice 😍 I use this after every lift and even throughout the day when I'm on the go and don't want to carry around tupperwear full of food. Add in instant oatmeal and peanut butter to your shake for a super yummy, filling meal. . 💥Resurgence💥 . BCAAs + VITAMINS. In order to recover and build, BCAAs are necessary. I sip on these in between every meal (this helps turn [ON] muscle building) and during every workout. I swear, I've seen a big increase in muscle gain when I started drinking this in between every meal daily. Not many people use this outside of the workout period, but trust me, it works wonders. . 💥Trojan Horse💥 . Non stimulant FAT BURNER. The amazing thing about this product is that I take it 1x before morning cardio and 1x before bed. Since there are zero stimulants in it, I can sleep well 😴 and burn fat at the same time. Win-win situation 🏆. . 💥Formula 19💥 . Fast digesting CARBS. Trying to gain muscle? This needs to be your best friend 🍼 I take 1 scoop of this (I add it to my peri workout drink of resurgence + beta alanine + citrulline malate) and begin drinking it 15 mins into my workout. Fast digesting carbs during your workout ensures that your muscles have all the fuel they need to work hard and GROW 💪🏽. . Have any questions about any products? Ask away

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i don't want nun unless you got buns, hun. killer sticky buns from @butlerbakeshop with a unique twist - miso! don't even get me started on their breakfast empanadas 😭 👊🏻

15 hours ago

Ready for the secret??😁 We just had an exclusive call with the super trainer from the gorgeous fresh new mama that created the program I've been doing this month! Eeeeeek! Totally fan girling it tonight bc she's such a power house and so inspiring in this program! Most of our team didn't even know who we were hearing from and it was hard to keep that quiet! I can't say enough good about this program and that call was just so amazing to have the opportunity to learn some inside scoop. 😊💗 Wanna get your hands on this program? I'm your gal 🙋and I'll be there with you to share my experience with it. Just comment below or message me. Oh yeah and did I mention "getting your hands on it" would also involve you getting put in for the giveaway I was talking about a few days ago?! It's go time! If not now, than when?! #cdf #coredeforce #3weeksin #yourturn #mma #progress #teambeachbody #coachlife #lucky #grateful #isaidyes #fly #leap #reach #inspire #motivate #progress #notperfection #onestep #onechoice #core #shoulders #buns #workout #goaldigger #handsin #headinthegame #punch #kickboxing

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Can you tell I was bored this afternoon? Qotd: what activity would never bore you?