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This style is quickly becoming my fav ❤

22 hours ago

Oh TimeHop........ 1 year ago today I hit Triple Diamond average monthly income of 9k a month plus a 50k bonus!! Triple Diamond is 3 levels for the TOP in our company! This journey has been amazing, fun, crazy, exhilarating, financially life changing, and a wild ride! I cannot imagine doing anything else in life! I joined just to make $500 for groceries and pay my van payment in the beginning to life shifting to being a single mom of 4 and financially supporting us without having to go get a 9-5 J.O.B! The friendships, FUN, and FREEDOM I have experienced I wouldn't change for the world and is something 90% of the world will NEVER have enough guts to experience!!! Thankful for an amazing TEAM of men and women on this same journey helping other to health and wealth!! As Darren Hardy puts it "we are Freaks." and are proud of it!! Thank you to all my customers You are the heartbeat of my business ❤without you I am nothing!! I'm married to this amazing company full of integrity and putting God first above all!! #1yearanniversaryasaTriple #myjourney #slowandsteadywintherace #bringon2017 #staythecourse #wearentnormalpeople #entrepreneurlife #bestnetworkingmarketing #bestcompany #bossmomma #momof4 #entrepreneur #networkmarketing

1 day ago

This is so spot on when you explain a littler further... No matter how many amazing, creative, successful smart people you surround yourself with if you are close minded you will never soak up their awesomeness.... @happinessplanner was on point with this thought!

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