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Day 517: Posh Today started with excuses and reluctance. I had scheduled make-up and hair with my friend Kelly, and we were going to do February's shoot for my Beautiful Me 2017 project. I was draaaaaaaging ass this morning, bitching about just bullshit. Didn't want to get up early. Didn't want to get prettied up again. Blah blah. Then I get there and we have an amazing time together, laughing and being ourselves, bonding and hanging out. We both got to do something that was incredibly uncomfortable for the both of us, but because we are both warriors, when did it. Recovery has proven to me that facing discomfort is the key to unlocking enduring happiness and satisfaction. In the past, discomfort was a major impetus for me to use. Now, leaning into it and embracing it (maybe not altogether with enthusiasm, but still doing it) proves that I can get through it. I felt posh AF today, and I have my friend @kllynch104 to thank for that. I especially have much gratitude to God for placing such a great soul into my life <3 just when I think how much my friends and Rich my life, I'm reminded by them and by our bond that I have just as much to offer them as well. That is another thing that recovery is teaching me - that I have tremendous value, and a ton to offer people and our world. Poshy posh posh...so different for me! And yet, I wear it well <3 #SmashTank #BodyAndSwole #MindHeartSwole #RecoveringAddict #Addiction #Recovery #Clean #CleanAndSober #TeamSuccess #TheOtherSide #OneDayAtATime #JustForToday #Breathe #Peace #Meditation #BrickByBrick #KingdomCome #SelfLove #SelfAcceptance #SelfRespect #Love #Chakras #Alignment

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I needed today's #devotional more than ever, "Do What You Can". Focus on what you can do now, in all areas of your life. Don't lose sight of what's in front of you by looking too far beyond the horizon. Work towards improvement each day, and God will help with the rest. I still have fears of failure, but I don't let that dictate my effort anymore. So many of us dwell on what could go wrong if we start something, that we form a habit of doing nothing. Do something. Take a leap or a baby step but do something. Don't let fear talk you out of anything. We can only reap what we sew, friends. 🙏🏻 - P.S- tortured my back and triceps on this lovely Thursday. 🔥🔥🔥 - #Faith #JoyceMeyer #BrickByBrick #BackDay #Triceps #DoubleTake #FeelingFierce #Strong #Progress #Mindset

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