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We all have insecurities. However, your insecurities aren't nearly as obvious to others as they are to you. Remember that. And don't let it consume you! #selflove

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Take the time to reconnect with people and disconnect from technology Being there in the moment is so very important If you have set time aside to be with someone - either work related or personal - be 100% there - you'll be amazed at how wonderful and uplifting it feels for you as well as them 💜😊💜 I had a techno FREE day yesterday as I met up with a business partner and wow, it was sooooo energising, which means today my head is clear and focussed to re hit the techno stuff! 💜 #empower #techno #freedom #doterra #smallholding #eeohealthytips #nophone #nosocialmedia #entrepreneurlifestyle #choices #breathe #energise #bethere #essentialoils #lovelife

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:: CHANGE :: Why do we resist it so much? Why do we cling to what's most comfortable? Autumn 🍂 is definitely here in Melbourne and as the trees lose their leaves, nature reminds us to let go, let go of the old to let in the new. If we hold on to what's no longer serving us or what's comfortable then we get stagnant, we get stuck. As the saying goes- what we resist, persists. So flow with the changes, just like the leaves, and let go. It's uncomfortable and scary, yes, but whoah what's on the other side waiting for you? 💫🌙

4 minutes ago

SERIES 2. DAY 69. April 27, 2017. Clouds leaving a trail ... How would you describe today's sky?

7 minutes ago

Let the light in!☉ Have a beautiful day everyone.

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