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Friday night feels. 🔥

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If ur particular about what u like, the customer is always right! Visit me @ your Frankfort Wafflehouse!!! Now under new management!!!!! #bosslady #bossbabe

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Photoshoot please 📸😍

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as I finally finished another amazing milestone of #BBG1 today, I found myself wondering why I haven’t been able to give my @coffee.n.squats the TLC I once gave it before!  I used to be super gung-ho about updating, showing you #whatsonmyplate , checking in on my friends that I’ve made, etc etc - but as of lately I haven’t been able to give it all the attention I gave it before.  the same goes with making our friendships in person and keep those relationships up! . well, over the past few months I had to rebalance my life and I feel that I’ve been the busiest ever in the past 7 years!  I not only have to fit in my   #bosslady career, I’ve been working on some other ventures including teaching a photography workshop in LA, and some others that… I will share later!  there are so many amazing opportunities that came knocking and I just couldn’t have passed them up! . I thought to myself "what it was like when I was still working at my corporate job pre 2011?" I had all the freedom in the world after work and on the weekends to do whatever, whenever, however I wanted.  would I go back to it?  sometimes I actually think about it - but I remind myself I’m an evolved woman, and the girl that I was in 2011 is lightyears behind where I am today. .  I’m happy that exercising and staying healthy is a lifestyle I love.  it brings me happiness, joy, and satisfaction that’s feels simply rewarding.  I hope that I’m currently setting up foundations and career building blocks to my future so that I can begin to incorporate more of a social life again!  I’m happy that I do make time for some, and so happy I have an amazing workout partner @burn.dem.buns!  I do miss connecting with more of you. for now, can we go have a workout date?? <3 . anyone going to cyclebar in sj tomorrow? @munfung.unrefined set up a free ride!!! come join!

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