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THANK YOU!!! February marks my 1 year anniversary of opening this Instagram account to go along with my blog. 17,000 of you have watched, read, left comments, shared yourselves, and blessed my life!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

45 minutes ago

Semana 8 - Los atributos de Cristo “La bondad debe por mí empezar” Mary N. Cook Conferencia General, Abril 2012 ¿Que atributos de Cristo se mencionan en este mensaje? ¿Cómo podemos ser mas benevolentes? Trabajemos para desarrollar este atributo de Cristo e invitemos a otros generar un cambio en sus vida por medio del estudio de este y los demás discursos de esta semana. Comparte con tu familia y amigos este mensajes, ayúdales a fortalecer su fe en Cristo por medio del estudio constante del Evangelio. Busca este discurso en la app Biblioteca LDS o en www.lds. org . Que lo disfrutes!!! #sud #bofm365 #lds #ldsconf #mtc #PresMonson #siganalosprofetas365 #sharegoodness #mormon #JesusChrist #BookOfMormon

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I saw "Book of Mormon" with my love ❤️ this past Sunday and it was a great musical!!! Even though I don't look too happy, don't worry I was 😂. #bookofmormon #bushnell #coupleselfie

1 hour ago

Aside from reading the scriptures, my favorite part of opening my Book of Mormon is my beautiful bookmark. This is my favorite picture of Jesus. I love that kind, gentle smile as the little girl feels his hand. I love how he seems to say "yes, it was ugly and painful, but I did it for you, because I love you." It adds an extra layer of comfort when I read my Book of Mormon to see the love my savior has for me, so beautifully portrayed by the artist, Greg Olsen. "The Saviors love makes me feel new and clean." #bookofmormon #jesuslovesme #oursavior #lds #latterdaysaint #gregolsenart

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