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My Voldaren Pariah list! Please hit me up with suggestions for the deck becuase I think this deck is super fun and I want it to be viable. Basically a discard deck with 2 cards to activate voldaren pariah, Sram's expertise and servo exhibition. The main goal is to play something that lets you discard a card for free on turn 2, key to the city, heir of falkenrath and stromkirk condemned are the options here and then with one of those discard your voldaren pariah on turn 3, followed by either of your servo cards to activate Voldaren Pariah and basically win the game. If you don't draw Pariah then haunted dead and ghoulsteed are your options for winning the game, and both have huge sinergy with prized amalgam. Even though you are not playing blue, prized amalgam is very easy to have enter the battlefield both because of the zombies and sram's expertise, which will allow you to cast it if you haven't drawn your zombies. Sideboard is pretty simple, more removal and some stuff for grindier games when pariah doesn't outright win you the game. #mtg #magic #magicthegathering #edh #hou #commander #tcg #tradingcardgame #wotc #wizards #lands #red #blue #deck #cards #mountain #island

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