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13 minutes ago

Day 14/21: life is about staying flexible in our methods and knowing when to surrender. Those were my take always today. There will be times in our journey when we simply cannot fight any longer, when the only choice is to rest. There is not weakness in these times, but a quiet and confident wisdom that is developed as we allow ourselves to let go of trying to control everything in our lives. I believe there is One that is ultimately in control no matter the chaos around me, and that sometimes He simply calls me to rest. To bend to His will. #findyourthrive #yogiintraining #trainforlife

50 minutes ago

The life of our Pastor and friend is measured not with the years, but with the footprint that she leaves in other people's lives, thoughts and hearts. Loved celebrating you @wendytreat. Happy Birthday week. #blessedlife #birthday #instagood

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