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Even when the last person on earth who gave you strength no longer believes in you, YOU BELIEVE IN YOU!!! Do not let that deter you from your path, it was cut before your life even began. Prayer is essential, meditation is the spiritual nourishment of the soul, take those into battles with adversity, the answer is there, you just have to give yourself peace to unlock it. I'm unlocking doors I didn't know existed in me. I see into rooms I didn't know existed within my temple. I need not the confirmation of the weak to validate me... I AM KING Their beliefs in me shall be silenced by the sword of arrogance and perseverance STAFAVISION #healthyfood for the soul #stafavision #womack #strength #nfl #nba #life #inspired #actor #model #believeinyourself #godisgood #godslove #hiphop #shesmygardianangel #forsaken #dolo #blessed #gifted #spirtual #man #power in me

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Friends can make all the difference through training. I feel like I'm blessed with some of the greatest friends to lift with and to share my time with. Thank you all. There's about 7 months between these pictures. The left is the end of my bulk last year and the right is currently mid bulk. Over size in my legs is really surprising considering there's about a 20 lbs difference between the 2. . . . #blessed #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #physique #classicphysique #natty #realnatural #legs #quads #chest #friends #friendslift #fitness #fitness #bulk

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Through the journey of having an organ removed exactly 1 months ago, following with complications causing my liver to start failing. This amazing man stuck by me and loved me no matter what. I've always been an independent person and through this journey, you can't be independent. You have to have someone lift you off the bed, the couch, a chair. You have to have them get things for you, help you get dressed, cook for you and take your pills on time. Help you shower and use the bathroom. EVERYTHING. This incredible man helped me with every single thing and not once did he complain. He would drop anything to help me as soon as I asked and catered to every need. He did absolutely everything and then some. I honestly cannot express how thankful I am for everything he's done for me and how he continues to love me no matter how much of a whiny princess I have been the last month. I also cannot put into words what Shrikant means to me and the love I have for him. He is my best friend and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him. ❤ Thank you Bacha for everything you do everyday and I love you so incredibly much. ❤ I couldn't have survived without you, your love and support. You mean the world to me ❤🌎 #blessed #iknowwelooklikeshitbutiloveyou

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