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2 hours ago

Go back to the 17th century thru that door hole - there were around 50ppl prostrating and chanting to a paper cut face of the present Dalai Lama in a tiny dark space. They told us to walk thru, but we could hardly find a stepping space - birth place of the 3rd and 6th Dalai Lama (not 100% sure tho) Also this is the only place we saw the present Dalai Lama figure display in public in Litang, as it is banned by law. #litang #garze #sichuan #china #birthplace #Tibetan #buddism

6 hours ago

Micro-tripped on LSD today. No, Cali friends, I wasn't on psychedelics. I was in Chicago on the one and only Lake Shore Drive ;-) #birthplace

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