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I shook Jay gently and he started to wake up, "What BB?" I frowned, "They are awake." Jay sighed, rubbing his forehead, "Who?" I pried open one of his eyes, "BlueBlue and Alex silly." He laid on his back a few seconds before sitting up and giving me a kiss, "I'll do breakfast. You can get them ready for school cuz I don't have the patience right now." I chuckled, "Somebody is grouchy right now goodness." I got up and went to BlueBlue's bedroom. Technically BlueBlue and Alex's bedroom, we had them to be connected by the bathroom since Blue is still jumpy in the dark and Alex gets lonely if he does happen to wake up. I opened the door to see Blue already putting her pants on, she smiled at me as I looked for Alex. Blue must have already known, "He's in the bathroom Mommy, he had to go potty so I left him since he's a boy and I'm a girl." I smiled, biting my knuckle, This girl. I went into the bathroom to see Alex sitting on the toilet, he was making the roc sign with his hands. I assume he got that from Jay. I ran my fingers through his hair as he swung his legs back and forth. After he finished, I helped him wash his hands and once Blue was done dressing we went down to eat breakfast...

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I just found this on my discovery and if I ever see another Camren shipper say anything this dumb or delusional I will fucking go off I'm so fucking tired of seeing ppl act this dumb over a tired ass ship.

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a look 🔥

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