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"You don't have to understand. You just have to have faith." - Sara Thomas

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In my bag? Light reads & my favourite matcha Kit Kats 🍫🗞 @frankandoak

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🍓🍌🍍 I love that as the older we get, the wiser we become. I used to have the most unhealthiest diet out of everyone I knew! I still have a sweet tooth, and always will 😬 I'm blessed with a fast metabolism so eating the "right" way wasn't always a concern for me. But now that thirty is around the corner, I know that just because I'm not gaining weight from the junk food I still need to be kind to my body and feed it with nutrients! Ever since I started to work full time, I noticed I'm always feeling lethargic... We are what we eat. I recently became very interested in educating myself on what our bodies need to survive this crazy, hectic lifestyle we live in! It's a great read. I hope that some of you will get inspired to make healthier eating habits 🙌🏻 #WeCanAndWeWill

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Color match on point!🥕 What do you think about my #ootd ? 🤔

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