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Audrey Hepburn as Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

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The happiest of birthdays to Koko ❤️🎉

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MAMACITA! — Kenny from: The land of the moon premiere during the 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival - red carpet (May 15, 2016) | #kendalljenner

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In all honesty Gigi's walk is really bad. She's extremely bouncy and stomps onto the floor. I wish she'd take some advice from her fans and try to improve. Bella's walk isn't perfect but looking back on her walks from 2014 to now she's improved so much. Gigi needs to work on her walks and Bella needs to work on her photo shoots and not having such a hard dead glare at the camera. Bella should to do more shoots like the one she did for paper it was so fun & she didn't have to act so serious you could see a whole new side from her Backup:@bellahadix

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Lana with fans 💙

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Yes yes yes ✨

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Strangers. 6. Y/n's POV. I look back and a boy stands there. He's holding a camera to his face. "You don't even look sad— come on Y/n, give me at least a pout." He speaks again and snaps more pictures. "Leave me alone!" I yell and look back, scared that Tyler and Mia heard— but no, they were in their own little world. I push the boy aside and walk to my car. "So the whore jock with the whore best friend, what a cliche." He says out loud, guessing he saw them. (gif) (my intention isn't to change the concept of halsey's song but i found the song appropriate for this fic, sorry)

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Thoughts?? 🤔💭🔥

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