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The Rock is a man of many talents! Such a wise and inspiring man. Tag someone who needs to hear this! #milliondollarmentality

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Know yourself 1st ...

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Life happens, and all too often we forget where we came from, but this photo represents two different people. . The person on the left was overweight, depressed, doing everything in his power to run from the person he was! From struggling with identity problems from coming out, battling an eating disorder, I was running from everything I was. . Flash forward to present day, the person on the right, in love with life, passionate about who I am and how I got there. It didn't happen over night, and it wasn't easy! But it was 100% worth it!! . Sometimes we struggle with finding our true identity, hiding behind a mask, trying to go through life with a smile on my face. Today I smile because I'm proud of all the hardships I've overcome. Never give up, believe in yourself..and if your searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. . Whatever struggles you are going through in life, know that you are not alone! I believe in you and am here to hold your hand as you decide to take the leap! #transformation #weightloss #believeinyourself

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