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The first photo was the result of many years on drugs... This section here from my book, Stabbed Ego, shows my first experience. . . ..It was my sixteenth birthday. We were hanging out having a couple of drinks when one of the boys pulled out a bag of pills. I’d never touched ecstasy and was scared of the thought. ‘You want one, Punch?’ he asked. I looked at Base. We were always on the same path with everything: if I would, he would, and vice versa. ‘Half each?’ Base smiled, and we broke the pill into halves and swallowed them. That small decision would have monumental consequences that affected my life forever. I sat waiting, nervous, regretting what I’d just done. But a sudden rush of ecstatic emotion erased any regrets. With my eyes half-closed, I was floating, my body and, more importantly, my mind, weightless. Heavy thoughts had drifted away. I looked over at Base and we both smiled, acknowledging what we were going through. ‘We’ve been missing out,’ I slurred, curling up into a ball to get more of a hug from the drug. We’d been offered pills for years, but had always refused – until that night. It was the beginning of years of fruitless searching for happiness through drugs. From then on, every single week I’d consume some form of hard drug. The happiness would last for a few hours. The misery lasted for years, compounding a deepening depression. . . You can grab 2 Signed copies + Free Delivery (Aus) + Free Bookmarks for only $40! Website in bio. . . #drugs #clean #books #read #beforeandafter #gym #depression #vegan #enlightenment #speaker #entrepreneur #graffiti #party #festival #love #realestate #gains #model #fitnessmodel #muscle #lean #booty #business #beard #author #motivationalspeaker #networking #fashion #literary

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Lol! Book your appointment ladies ❤️

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So I can't believe I'm sharing my old license photo because it's so disgusting lol but this is definitely an accomplishment. The old one (right) is about a year old because I needed an address change and for some reason they made me take a whole new pic and get a whole new license even though it expired a year later. I was miserable and it showed. Today, I had the confidence to smile. The physical transformation is visible but more than that is that it's so obvious how I felt in both pics and that's what struck me the most. I still have a long way to go but it's moments like these that keep me motivated. I've done this before but this time truly feels different. Ps I don't know if you all do this but I go through every single filter every single time I post a pic ( #ocd ?) and when I went through the black and white ones I was so creeped out like these would be the pics on a missing poster or something lol it was very creepy. Maybe i watch too much #informativemurderporn #transformation #idpic #licensepic #myjourney #babysteps #healthylifestyle #confidencematters #makingchanges #fit #fitness #marathonnotasprint #doingit #gettingthere #beforeandafter

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Lash lift & tint. These are not extensions and no mascara is used! Lasts 6-8 weeks.

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Beautiful Keyhole lips!!!!! Call or text for a consultation or to book an apt today 💋817.739.6640

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I see you trying to peek through, tricep. 👀👀 It seriously amazes me every time I'm able to see more definition somewhere on my body. Trained shoulders, triceps, and chest tonight and hit some new PRs thanks to having a gym buddy pushing me to go heavier. 🙌🏼😌 Sometimes thats all you need is some good music & a partner who believes in you. 💪🏼

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