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Akşam yemeğim😋👉🏻Ton balığı köftesi🍘salata🥗yoğurt🍚yoğurdun yarısından fazlasını yiyemedim ilave olarak bissürü salata yidim😋Ve ton balığı köftesine bayıldım fırsat buldukça hep yaparım artık😻😻👌🏻

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We are finally opening our doors next week!🚪Stay tuned for updates on the opening. Don't forget to sign up and get your exclusive pre-sale package before its too late 🥊

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So happy I got to see @randikennedy_ yesterday ! Not only was it the @herditcamp, but it was the last day of my 12 week program with Randi ❤️ About a year ago I started following Randi, watching vlogs etc. and I've always loved her positive, genuine spirit 💕 She has been amazing and has been the best coach I could ever imagine having ! I have trained with her since January 2nd 2017, 20 weeks. I was at first nervous about online training, but it has helped me so much and I have seen more results mentally and physically because she has given me the tools and I execute the plan she has laid out for me (when I had a trainer at the gym i felt like I couldn't do my work outs with out them, I felt like I was too dependent on them and didn't learn much :/ ). In those weeks not only have I learned so much about fitness, but also about myself and my love and passion for fitness. She has helped me change not only physically but mentally as well, gaining more confidence in myself and my abilities. She has been more than a coach to me but like a big sister as well. I have been able to talk with her not only about fitness related things, but just life stuff in general and she has always offered positivity and encouragement. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for her. She will forever be apart of my life and have a specia place in my heart. Love you Randi ❤️

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Happy Victoria Day! 🇨🇦 No classes on today so if you want a workout try this Single Weight Toning Workout! I tend to use a heavier weight for a single weight workout, so use between 8-15lbs if you can! 💪🏻 🔹Lunge Back R & L + Weighted Twist - keep knees slightly bent on the twist! X10 🔹Woodchops x10 R & 10 L - sink back into the squat, keep arms only slightly bent, try not to let that back arm bend too much! 🔹Side Lunge + Overhead Press x 10 - sink back into the lower hip and keep standing leg straight! 🔹Single Leg Deadlift + knee lift x10 R & 10 L - I was shaky getting into this one- keep hips and shoulders square to the front, belly button to spine 🔹Opposite arm to Knee Crosses x10 R & 10 L - really rotate from the waist! Try 3 rounds! 👊🏻👊🏻😀 #homeworkout #strengthtraining #resistancetraining #handweights #exercise #fitness #fitmom #pilates #pilatesstrong #barresculpt #befit #instafit #fitstagram #fitspiration #healthyliving #fullbodyworkout #sweat #coreworkout

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My day. Food and coffee matter. Of course, I will always try to run for exercise. #befit

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Having fun with my nephew Thijn at my 34th birthday! Love it! ❤️

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