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3 minutes ago

Here we go on Cardio Fix Extreme! I seriously love this program. It's challenging (thus the extreme) but it's FUN and easy to follow. And my "gym" is right here in my living room. I have no excuse NOT to work out! Ok, enough talk. Time to push play!!!! #21dfx #morningworkout #getitdone #beachbody #beachbodycoach

4 minutes ago

This is where is starts to get hard, guys. Day 3 into a new, tougher program, and it hurts to move. But this is where it's most important to not give up...I don't want to be a statistic, I WANT TO BEAT IT! I just have to make it through week one and get stronger for week 2. As long as you make this a habit, and as long as you're sticking to your eating plan, you're gonna be see results! And the worst thing I can do when I'm sore is not move for a few days because then my muscles are going to heal even tighter because I'm not keeping them loose and warmed up.

5 minutes ago

#WCW >> Every contest and every surf trip has helped me tremendously to become the person and surfer I am today. Each triumph and defeat were all crucial for me 👉🏼 After each loss I really dig deep to figure out exactly what went wrong and I always walk away having learned so much 👈🏼 I think my losses helped me win my first world title at the ISA games. ~ Tia Blanco

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