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"Lifeless" If I recall correctly, I visited this place after more than 7 years. As the way through the woods led straight into an open space, the scene I witnessed wasn't pleasant in the least. A place which was supposed to be full of water is now nothing but barren land and dried trees everywhere, with a small stream cutting its way through the cracked and dried mud tiles. It's sights like these that really drive home the fact that we carelessly waste copious amounts of water every single day. A six hand held image panorama manually stitched in Photoshop. View the full version on www.500px.com/dhruvasuresh #desert #mud #dry #creativeshots #ig_shotz #instatravel #instagram #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #karnataka #ig_karnataka #western_ghats #canonindia #canon_photos #bbcearth #waterscarcity #landscape #shotoncanon #india #panorama #panoshots #driedtrees

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As I drove past the vast mountains that surrounded me all around, I kept thinking about how quaint the place was. It was pretty chilly at this time of the day and the town seemed pretty devoid of any traffic or tourist My intention was to go as far away from the hustle-bustle of the urban jungle as possible and with no particular travel plans on my mind, I just drove all the way to this beautiful small town (almost like a hamlet) just past the main Manali town. In the middle of some breath-taking views and a quaint road that seems to be heading towards the proverbial heaven, the mighty Himalayas stood right infront of me, almost like it was welcoming me with her open arms You see, while most trips to the Himalayas are either an escapade across certain long-winded journeys of durations beyond 10 or even 15 days, there are times like these when all I generally have is a long weekend. It actually gives me that amazing opportunitiy to just be with her for a couple of days. You know how it feels, right? It's like I go there just to just take a glance at the love of my life, give a peck on her gorgeous cheeks and come back to the hustle and bustle of the city life, but not before I make a promise to come see her again very soon and quite possibly stay with her for a long time to come. After all, Himalayas have and shall forever be the 'love of my life'... 😊💕 . Gulaba Manali, Himachal Pradesh Photo And Story By- @thecanonfanboy (Bobby Roy) #Follow Hashtag your pictures with #instahimachal or simply tag us @instahimachal in your photos to get featured on Insta Himachal. You can also mail us at instahimachal@gmail.com Hills Are Vulnerable, Say No To Plastic. Help Your Mother Nature, Help Yourself Join Us On Facebook Too- www.facebook.com/instahimachal Don't forget to read our Blog- www.instahimachalblog.wordpress.com/blog . #Himachal #HimachalPradesh #Himalayas #TravelDiaries #Travel #wanderer #WorldBestGram #instagramhub #EarthFocus #Indiapictures #OurPlanetDaily #BeautifulDestinations #BestVacations #BBCTravel #InstaPassport #PhotographyLovers #NikonIndia #CanonIndia #vsco #DiscoverEarth #natgeotravel #TheEarthOutdoors #HuffPostGram #BBCEarth #Canon #CanonAsia

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Post flash flood in Zion National Park. Here, the flood levels have mostly receded and the blue skies of the southwest have returned. What's the most wild weather phenomenon you've ever seen? 3/3

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Here's a long exposure capturing the movement of a flash flood in Zion National Park. I love the contrast between the soft flowing water and the sharp crisp rocks. 2/3

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