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Don't believe the rumors bitch I'm still a user....... But seriously tho I'm worried about it... Yeh @benaffleck isn't directing the batman which is fine I mean he's still the batman and producing it and writing it.... And he's obviously not gunna fucken leave so whatever you hear just chill brosky todo bien.... Plus he did two movies as the batman so it's kinda too late and it will be fly af #benaffleck #thebatman #batman #batmanvsuperman #dc #dccomics #love #makegothamgreatagain #warnerbros #superhero #justiceleague #deathstroke #joker and also @warnerbrosentertainment PLEASE AS DO NOT CUT OFF ANY FOOTAGE FROM THE FILM BATMANVSUPERMAN COULD HAVE BEEN A HOME RUN TO START YOU COULD HAVE HAD ONLY SOME BAD REVIEWS AND SUICIDESQUAD IS COMPLETELY YOUR FAULT FOR GIVE AYER 6 WEEKS TO WRTIE A SCRIPT SO PLEASE DONT FUCK IT UP

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Good evening Kryptonians! Since Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman debuts in the late 1930's and early 1940's, there has never been a live action film made centring around the three, until Zac Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice cinematic release in 2016. The film marks two major milestones; the first being that it's the first live-action film to feature Batman and Superman together, and the second being that it's first we have seen live-action cinematic portrayals of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg. The film centers around Batman and Superman, with Batman seeking vengeance on Superman for damages done to Gotham City, and Superman wanting to expose Batman for the way he handles justice. This isn't the first time we see the two go up against each other, but we'll catch up on that another time. The film was created to lead into this year's Justice League film, which is set to be released November 17th! Although it made strides at the box office, having earned over $873.3 million, it didn't get the much needed praise everyone was hoping for. Ignoring the fact that some people gave unnecessary bad reviews, just to watch the world burn, there were those that thought that the film had great potential but the execution of the film wasn't as it should have been. Zac Snyder had to pack a whole lot of content into this film, so that people knew what to expect in the upcoming Justice League film. In doing so had parts where people struggled to keep up with what was happening. Some have also commented that Zac Snyder should have read up on his comic books, instead of just winging it. However, it was widely praised by fans, most wanting to see more than once. The Trinity, are considered by most to be the three most powerful characters that do good in the DC Multiverse, so to see them come together on the big screen was really a dream come true! As we await for the upcoming Justice League film, let us know what your thought of Batman v Superman were in the comments below. Thank you for all your support. Thank you for your support Kryptonians, we will have more History of Karl El soon! 👊🏼

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