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4 minutes ago

Has probado el Aeropress? Nuestro barista del fin de semana (@benjaminfleon) está obsesionado con él

5 minutes ago

Business cards are in!

9 minutes ago

Just brew it.

11 minutes ago

WHAT IS DIALLING IN? 🤔 Each morning while you're sleeping, we are firing up the machine and dialling in before we open. But what does it actually mean to dial in? Put simply, it's creating the ideal recipe of 1) Grams in 2) Extraction time and 3) Yield. Sounds simple enough, however each Single O requires a different recipe and all sorts of factors (from the weather to age of the beans) will also change the recipe. This process is done over and over with several shots and each extraction is observed and tasted. Once those 3 measurements are consistent and correct, we're dialled in and ready to sling shots! ☕️

11 minutes ago

We will be closed to tomorrow for Anzac Day.

16 minutes ago

The perfect way to wind down from the weekend. We are open until 10pm tonight.

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