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2 weeks ago

Tag someone😈Here is a little challenge for you guys. Me and Johnny are about to do this. Why? The original OCR Grinders and Machete Madness Coaches celebrated our birthdays by doing our age times 10 in Burpees, since my Bro Cody was not able to do his due to his injuries I volunteer or he volunteered me😩😂 but why do regular Burpees when you can make your life much more miserable. I will post my video later, it will show each Burpee style. Yes, thats 280 Burpees..if you can't do a certain Burpee, do 35 of the regular ones. Hashtag #DeadByBurpees when posting your results. #buckburpees #happybirthday #bangbrothers #MacheteMadness #ocrgrinders Workout Credit: @beefit_bianca 😈👋👋👋

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