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Motivation Monday- Sweat it out!You need to work hard to notice gains or losses. Losing weight or gaining muscle isn't easy and unfortunately there is no magic diet pill. It's a combination of a healthy balanced diet, exercise and dedication. Put the effort in and you'll slowly achieve your fitness goals. Today's cardio session: Treadmill hiit 20 secs at high speed (10mph) 10 secs rest Repeat for 10 minutes or longer Hence why I'm a sweaty, hot mess 😰 #fitb #fitnessgoals #fitgirl #fitforlife #healthylifestyle #healthybody #getfit #stayactive #exercise #cardio #weights #strong #sweat #hotmess #hiit #treadmill #bestrong #dedication #balance #eattolive #cleaneating #motivationmonday #nike #brightcolours #wynnfitness

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Our gut plays a powerful role in determining our brains destiny. Rates of neurological disorders are skyrocketing, from ADHD and debilitating anxiety to depression and even dementia. But a medical revolution is underway that will forever change how we understand and treat not only behavioral and mood disorders but also chronic headaches, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Autism, Alzheimer's, and many more conditions astonishing new research is revealing that the health of your brain is, to an extraordinary degree, dictated by the state of your microbiome (your gut) The vast population of organisms that live in your body and out number your cells 10 to 1! This is a game changer! We need to tend to our inner garden, and reset, reboot, and renew our micrbiome. #guthealth #ourgutisoursecondbrain #gamechanger #bewell #goodbacteria #balance

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Follow @embodylifestyle For daily insiration, peace , and love. . ------------------------------------------------ . monday morning essentials ✔️ . Source: inflowstyle

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BALANCE! Let's talk about balance. For the most I try and eat good and workout everyday and most days I absolutely kill it! Today is not one of those days, is been a crappy day, I've been in a crappy mood, and I'm cranky. So I'm going to enjoy this pizza and possibly a 🍺 later. Because even those of us who bust our ass to stay healthy and workout everyday need to have days that we just indulge and relax. It's about balance guys. So since I finished 21dfx yesterday I'm going to enjoy this while I decide which program to do next 😉 Hope everyone else enjoys their night as much as I'm going to! 😁

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Reach up into the sky and deep down inside and find the person you really want to become. Then go there! ✨ #ssmagpie

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This is Datha Wilson Whitfield. Datha is a retired nurse thanks to Plexus!! What a difference getting healthy on the inside makes! The first picture was taken before Plexus! Datha says: "Ladies, let me tell it to you straight, you can't cover up puffiness, body imbalances, and the visual results of bad gut health with make-up or pricey skin creams. When it comes to your body and your beauty the #1 thing you should be focused on is INSIDE-OUT health! Your body NEEDS supplementation and tools to fight against the toxins, chemicals, and additives we are surrounded with daily. If you want to feel fantastic, beat all forms of annoying (and nasty) stomach issues, get rid of the puffiness, have healthy sustained energy, less stress & worry and crave healthy foods instead of junk...stop covering up the problems. Get to the root cause and get relief! 💥Daily Body Balance! 💥Gut Health! 💥Nutrient Absorption! That's where it's at and that's why I LOVE the Tri-Plex. ❤️It addresses all 3 areas easily, effectively and it's affordable.❤️Doesn't get better than that and that's why I'll keep shouting it from the roof tops! Healthy is IN & I feel AMAZING!!!!!😘 Side note for the skeptics: 💕 These results are the product of HEALTH not numbers on a scale. The photos are not filtered or touched up and yes I have been on a journey for almost THREE Years....making better food choices, resting well, feeding my soul, taking ju supplements, drinking lots of water and finding peace every single day!" #triplex #healthyisin #whatifthiscouldchangeeverything #itreallyisthatgood #retired #guthealth #balance #supplements #lookingandfeelingfab #nursing #retired

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