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1 day ago

Hi,.. para Bunda ikutan yuk event yg diadain toko @bobobabyshop. Jujur ya ni pertama kalinya baby GQ ikutan event foto contest, trnyata foto bareng baby agak Rempong, menguras emosi n jiwa ("bunda alay") yee tp Seru lho. Kali ni Baby GQ n bunda temanya "Timbangan" Keliatan kan ekspresi muka qta yg Nahaaan banget 💪😣😰 beratnya belanjaan d toko Bobo.hehehe. Saking percaya n favoritnya blnja d toko @bobobabyshop, smw perlngkapan mulai dri carseat, stroller, pakaian sampai prlngkpan mpasi smw beli ny dsni. Dan trnyta wkt bunda ny baby GQ msh baby jg beli dsni lho. Uhhhh I Luph U pull dech, toko @bobobabyshop 😍😘 Teman teman GQ n bunda nya ngRamein jg yuk event ni @shinta.ng @mayass93 @linglingpinky @miss_caecilia_micie @novia.zzy87 #fotounikbobo #babygirl #babyGuiQing #BabyGQ #instababy

2 days ago

This handsome boy is 8 months old today. He's a little under the weather, but still manages to share that contagious smile 💙. He's crawling, pulling up, and starting to cruise around the furniture. Its definitely time to baby proof the house 😳 #babyGQ #timeslowdown #boymom #momlife #sweetboy

2 days ago

America's future right here. It's take your adorable son to work day! #babyGQ

2 days ago

this little sea turtle is officially one week old! we had our first pediatrician appointment today and C is doing SO well!! he's up 4.5oz from birthweight and in the 51% and he's super long at a bit over 21in and in the 79%! proud mama for him overcoming his first five days of obstacles and we are loving having him home! he's got the greatest facial expressions, eats like a champ and is the purest extension of our hearts 💙💚 here's his baby GQ pose 😂👶🏼🐢 #babyGQ #CarwynnLyric #seaturtle #babyboy #littlechunker #thosecheekstho #squishyface

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