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In obstacle course racing - landing your spear throw is exactly like hitting a home run - It's a pretty awesome feat, especially considering that the opportunity to hurl a spear at a target doesn't happen frequently. When the opportunity to try something different comes your way, take it! Grab on and give it your best shot. Expand your comfort zone. Stretch your legs and enjoy your journey. . . #austin #texas #ocr #athlete #training #focus #goals #endurance #fitspo #groundbreakers #obstaclecourseracing #happiness #fitgirl #thunderbirdbar @biotropiclabs

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I live in three unique spaces, that require me to be fully present. - When I'm home in Raleigh. I do everything in my power to have a normal, simple life. Last night my wife and I went on a date night to @brewerybhavana. (Yum!) - Domestic travel. I spend much of my life on the road in the States. Usually sharing the @helponenow story & connecting with the HON tribe. This year, I've been to LA, Austin, Portland, Atlanta, etc. - International. Always taking a group of people to meet our amazing partners around the world. So far, I've been to Peru twice, heading to Haiti in June, Zimbabwe in August. I used to fight the tension of never being present. I would feel conflicted & frustrated. Never fully engaged in one space. Yet, I've come to grips with the reality of my life, the calling to love and tell the story of my friends who live in #extremepoverty . This last year, I've become more at ease with being present right where I am. That's really all that matters. And that's the question we all have to ask ourselves. The perfect life is impossible, we can always dream about the next thing: new job, new place to live, new relationships. Yet if we're not careful, we miss the opportunities right in front of us. Often times we are chasing the future and we forget that the present is really what matters.

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Love this photo of #trtModel Daniela from our Laundromat shoot this month!

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It's Monday. Wishing you a happy one would be futile. Let's just try to make it through the day. Here's a pretty photo to help.

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Because Rye Whiskey, Because Family, Because Texas.

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Just remember this when you go to ask me what I think about something .....

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