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6 days ago

I usually don't take someone else's words, but today I felt like I had to share this awesome speach from @lindseystirling at the end of her #asaviorisborn "Hallelujah" video. I totally relate to that and appropriate those wonderful words, so much, that I send them to you lovelies ♥ "You know, I realised that, a lot of times, I feel to see the beauty that is in the moments and the people around me, every single day. And this video [= my ig account] was actually a really humbling experience and it reminded me of a time, when I honestly felt like no one could see the beauty in me. And maybe that's something you relate to, cause maybe you think no one sees the beauty in you. But there is one person that I have learned always sees the beauty in us, and that's our savior Jesus Christ. And this is the time of the year that we have the opportunity to celebrate His birth. He was the greatest gift we've ever been giving, and His gospel allows us the knowledge to know that we can be with our loved ones forever. And, in my darkest moments... Jesus Christ has given me hope ! (...) Please, know that there is a gift inside of you. He sees it, I see it, and I really hope that you can see it. I just wanna thank you guys for seeing the gift in me. I love you. I really do ♥" I already talk about Lindsey on here. She'my inspiration, my muse. I admire her so much, because she is Brave Enough. I appreciate her art and violin playing and dancing of course, but her personality deserves to be known as well : the way she bravely fought her eating disorder and earned her life back, the way she won the war, despite the fact she recognize this will always be stucked, somewhere back in her head, behind everything that really matters. I think the same way. And to me, recovery does not have the exact same meaning as healing : healing would mean definitely destroying the disease but recovering would better mean learning to deal every single day with an illness and win over it, being #braveenough even if a lot of people think anorexia isn't a real illness and thaf they call us attention seeker. But we are actually the ones who suffer of it. And we know what we live, and that we are survivors.

1 week ago

I've been reflecting lately on my experience in Israel in 2015 when the Christmas video, #ASaviorisBorn , was created. It was an inspiring experience that still influences me today. The first photo is from the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem, one of the most sobering experiences of my life. One of the great blessings of my job is learning from and working with amazing people who are crazy talented such as @jamesgartner @pwmerk and @jeffreyalantaylor found in a few of these pictures. #tbt 📷credit on most photos @jeffreyalantaylor

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