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This may sound cheesy to some but I can hardly describe how absolutely amazing it feels to have my artwork set up literally in the shadow of Howard Finster's chapel he created at Paradise Gardens. I came here in the mid 1990's as a young college student and was awed by his work and had the wonderful experience of getting to meet him. I wasn't making art then, I was studying psychology at Berry College. I can't totally understand why but being here today and setting up my work here brought me to tears. Tears of gratefulness and wonder at my journey and how it has brought me into the art world without me intending that at all. Sometimes you speak things into existence or pray for things and they come to you and sometimes I think God or the Universe brings you in a certain way that you may have never even imagined. So, forgive my sappy post but I just feel awe-inspired and so incredibly grateful to be here. The weather is going to be beautiful tomorrow. It's a great day for a road trip to visit @howardfinstersparadisegarden - a ton of fantastic artists are here plus all of Howard Finster's work in the gardens to see. ❤️❤️❤️

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Dymp, 2017

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is not anti-art

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#Mermay day 26 - quick doodle of a sea dragon merm ✨

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