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Arm muscle anatomy practice in my sketchbook! Going to be doing a few videos on my youtube channel on muscle anatomy and shading muscles soon as requested by many of you guys :)

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For a stranger in Italy.

36 minutes ago

My textile kit came in the mail! The excitement is real 😎

1 hour ago

'The Little Mermaid.' Spending some time with that other Ariel. Based on a design by my buddy Sam Greenwell. Going to try to make this a real showstopper and a personal best! ❤

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Day 17: (Work in progress) Happy birthday, Michelle Obama! This drawing isn't looking the way I want it to and I'm sad because I love Michelle so much and she deserves better. Really hope I can improve it tomorrow

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feeling 80. __ my books are available via amazon. signed copies are only available through the link in my bio. __ thank you for reading. 🖤

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Little better photo. Ignore the cat hair lol.

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how to be alive 237. remember: all process is (some kind of) progress. silvi . (riding the struggle bus in the studio today. feeling like i made a chewbacca seal instead of a harbor seal! <insert chewbacca noise of woe here> . maybe it's because today non art related things were emotionally hard and deserving of a thousand chewbacca groans. . whelp, here's to tomorrow being a fresh start! . and here's to praying all things come together for my show that opens friday feb 3rd at @secessionsf! ps you're cordially invited to the opening! . #WIP #process #progress #indiaink #sfartist #chewbacca #strugglebus #harborseal #art #drawing #writersofig #writersofinstagram #artistsofig #artistsofinstagram #silvialcivar #typewriter #studio #workworkwork #thepoetrystore #howtobealive #365project

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Do you know how heaven tastes?

1 hour ago

Yeahhh baby! Back to painting tonight! 👊 . Detail of a #wip

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