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Happy Birthday to my favourite person 💜 Days like today all the memories start flowing in and all the emotions i try to keep hidden start coming out. I miss you more every single day and my head hurts from all my secrets i havn't been able to tell you 🙊 Wish you were here but I'm sure a nice cold beer and a slice of mudcake with Joshy would be nice. Miss you, you bitch 💜 #missyou #happybirthdaymum #family #angel #mum #mymum #loveher #beentoolong #love #withtheangels

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I have been struggling with this for almost a week and wanted to share to help say goodbye I am one of the many women who have gone through one of the worst pains a mother can go through. I lost my baby this past week it was going to be my 2nd pregnancy and i lost both all within a year. For those of us who were not able to give birth to our babies and feel like they are not a mom because of it i feel like we are the strongest mothers around because we had to give back what we hold most dear. I love my babies and miss them everyday all that i do is for them to show i can achieve my dreams not for me anymore but for them. Miss you Isaiah and Melanie Mommy and Daddy love you. I couldn't have been strong enough to go through this without my bunny #AngelBaby #angel

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